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Pressure Controls Feature Specification

We are the main manufacturer and exporter in China for refrigeration spare parts, such

As: Hard start kit(SPP5, SPP6, SPP8E, HS410, HS810 and so on), potential relay,

Thermostat(Danfoss type, Ranco type, Ego type, Supco type and so on), leak

Detector, digital thermometer, manifold, gauge, copper fitting, filter, defrost timer, fan motor, axial fan motor, shaded pole motor, hvac tools,

Refrigerant heat exchanger suction accumulator, oil separator, refrigerant,

Receiver, run capacitor, motor start capacitor, vacuum pump, test

Instruments, solenoid valve, access valve, flow switch, pressure switch,

Temperature controller and so on.

1/4" female SAE connection          

High prssure SPST open pressure rise          

Low prssure SPST open pressre fall          

Condenser fan cycling SPST open on preessure rise          

Low Pressure          

Part No.     Open  Close    Klixon

    (PSI)   (PSI)    Part No.

BLS0520    5  20    PS80-K2-F0305-020-005

BLS1025    10  25    PS80-K2-F0307-025-005

BLS1535    15  35    PS80-K2-F0312-035-005

BLS2550    25  50    PS80-K2-F0316-050-005

BLS2565    25  65    PS80-K2-F0323-065-005

BLS2580    25  80    PS80-K2-F0325-080-005

BLS4080    40  80    PS80-K2-F0326-080-005

BLS5090    50  90    PS80-K2-F0328-090-005

High Pressure          

Part No.     Open  Close    Klixon

    (PSI)   (PSI)    Part No.

BHS200150    200  150    PS80-K1-0334-200-150

BHS250150    250  150    PS80-K1-0336-250-150

BHS275195    275  195    PS80-K1-0339-275-195

BHS300200    300  200    PS80-K1-0341-300-200

BHS350250    350  250    PS80-K1-0348-350-250

BHS375265    375  265    PS80-K1-0353-375-265

BHS400200    400  200    PS80-K1-0357-400-200

BHS400280    400  280    PS80-K1-0358-400-280

BHS400300    400  300    PS80-K1-0359-400-300

BHS425300    425  300    PS80-K1-0360-425-300

BHS450250    450  250    PS80-K1-0363-450-250

Manual Reset HP          

Part No.     Open      Klixon

    (PSI)      Part No.

BMR410    410      29PSL012-24

BMR415    415      29PSL004-1

BMR425    425      29PSP002-1

BMR440    440      

Fan cycling          

Part No.     Open  Close    Klixon

    (PSI)   (PSI)    Part No.

BFC125265    125  265    20PS116KA264G126G

BFC210275    210  275    20PS107KA275K210K

BFC150225    150  225    

BFC170250    170  250

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