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Water Meter Feature Specification

Water meter inside chip

Using American TI company MSP430 ultra-low-power MCUs, the quiescent power loss of the whole electronic control part can reduce to 2 UA, 16 digit RISC configuration dictate, integrated ScoC, strong process function.

Imported 3. 0 Li-Mn battery

As the battery of the smart meter, the imported Li-Mn battery of Germany VARTA can last discharging for a long time, which can over come the lag effect when opening or closing the valve products strong current in the normal battery condition, and ensure the reliable running of the meter.

Incremental water price function

To accommodate with the demand of the water suppier, there are two ways to realize the incremental water price by using water volume or account. The sales manage software can determine the water price and increment, the inside chip of smart water meter can automatically caculate the current month water volume or the water fee.

Reliable control function

When the surplus water volume has been used up, or the battery is shorted, or

The outside strong magnetism approaches the meter, the valve automatically closes, until resume the state.

Multi-alarming function

When the balance reaches the alarming amount (sum), the water meter will alarm or close the valve to notify user to purchase water. Insert the IC card can reopen the valve, until the rest amount(balance) is run out of.

Protection function

Inserting the metal chip and non-correct meter card will not do harm to the meter. But when the meter was attacked by the strong magnetism, the valve will automatically closed, the user should turn to the manage department to resume the state.

Parameter setting flexible

Can set the parameter by management IC card or user IC card, including time, alarming water volume(amount), overdraft water volume(amount), accumulated water volume etc.

Statistics and data remain

Can accumulate the data of the water usage volume monthly and maitain yearly information of water usage.

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