Carbide Burrs (ZYA WRC SPG)

Carbide Burrs (ZYA  WRC  SPG)



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Carbide Burrs (ZYA WRC SPG) Feature Specification

We manufacturer various shapes of Carbide Burrs for single cut, double cut, Alu Cut, according to DIN standard. Cylindrical, Cylindrical End Cut, Cylindrical Radius End, Ball End, Three Point End, Oval End, Taper or Cone Flat End, Taper or Cone Radius End, Three Radius End, Flame End.

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In addition, we also supply the following products:

(1) Cutting Tools-------including Drills, End Mills, Milling Cutters, Slitting Saws, Saw Blades, Reamers, Taps & Dies, Tool Bits, Boring Bars, Carbide Burrs, Carbide Inserts, etc

(2) Measuring Tools-----Vernier Calipers, Electronic Digital Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Indicators, Squares, Protractors, Gages, etc

(3) Hand Tools-------Scripers, Steel Rulers and Tapes, Wrench and Socket Sets, etc

(4) Machine Accessories---Tool Post and Holder, Collects, Chucks, Drill Chucks, Milling Arbors, Sleeves, Vises, Working Tables, etc

(5) Machinery----Metal Working Machinery, Woodworking Machinery, Shear Bending and Rolling Machine, etc

(6) Working Equipment, Safety & Material Handling-----Lifting Equipments, Wheels, Halogen Lamps, Protection Gloves, Non-Woven Products, etc

(7) Pneumatic Units --------Tube series, Air Duster Series, Quick Coupler, Push-in Fitting, Bronze Ball Value, Air Control Unit, Air Cylinder, Air Compressor, etc.

Carbide Burrs (ZYA WRC SPG) Recommend Categories
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