Blank Nasal Inhaler Sticks (Empty Inhaler Parts)

Blank Nasal Inhaler Sticks (Empty Inhaler Parts)



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Blank Nasal Inhaler Sticks (Empty Inhaler Parts) Feature Specification

Blank Nasal Inhaler Sticks

( Nasal Inhaler Parts; Empty inhaler tubes for adding essential oils or other vaporized liquid)

--Each stick contains 4 parts: 1. Container (outer shell) 2. Inhaler (inner shell) 3. Highly absorbent cotton stick (for adding essential oils) 4. Seal cap (for sealing)

--7 colors available: White, purple, red, green, yellow, orange, black, blue

We can also customize other colors for you


--Make your own cool aroma nasal inhaler or healthcare inhaler with different colors for different purposes with our blank inhaler parts

--Very easy to use the cotton stick to absorb essential oils and assemble the 4 parts together yourself---only 2 minutes to follow the instructions

A great number of individuals have found many benefits of using inhaler sticks. From easing headaches, nausea, stuffiness, panic attacks, etc. Each homeopathic remedy is determined by the type of essential oil or blend used. Consult your health care professional for specific instructions on the type of oil to use.

Shipping: Air, sea freight, EMS, registered mail, UPS, or others that you prefer

Delivery time: 3 days by air, 3 days by UPS, 5~7 days by EMS, 2 weeks to 1 month by other shipping methods

Payments: T/T bank transfer, Paypal, Western Union, or other methods that both agree

You can order any quantities.

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