Oxygen Concentrator (HG3N/HG5N/HG8N)

Oxygen Concentrator (HG3N/HG5N/HG8N)



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Oxygen Concentrator (HG3N/HG5N/HG8N) Feature Specification

The HG series oxygen concentrator developed by our company, has gained ISO13485 International Certification and most have European CE approval. The products with the best alloctaions and fittings in domestic scope with could keep running without stop for 3000 hours and with the lowest sound level in China Mainland.

The Main Allocations and Functions for HG*N model:

*PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology

*Auto luminescence flow meter (Adjusting flowrate)

*Accumulating calculagraph ( total working hours of the units)

*Single Calculagragh (Present working hours)

*Power off alarm

*Temperature alarm

*Timing Function (the unit shall stop by the time pre-set over)

*Atomization Function

The Main Technical Parameter of the HG*C models:

Model HG3N HG5N HG8N

Power Consumption (W) 350 480 480

Power (V/Hz) 220V+/-10% 50HZ+/-1 OR 110V+/-10% 60HZ+/-1

Flowrate (L/mln) 1-3 1-5 1-8

Concentration (%) >90 >90 >90

Outlet pressure (Mpa) 0.040.08

Sound level (dB) d45 d50 d50

Electrical category: Class I Type B

Product category: Class II a

Net Weight (Kg) 27 30 30

Dimension (mm) 400*365*650

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